Every day your business grows and adapts to meet new challenges. You demand more speed, flexibility, and more range from your communication tools. To provide the extended coverage your business requires, Motorola engineered the CDR500 and CDR700 repeaters.

The CDR500 and CDR700 repeaters offer the increased functionality, power and range necessary to enhance the capabilities of the PRO Series mobile radios. Having clear communication over an extended range translates into superior customer service, giving you the advantage of reaching your people in more places, with more information and better solutions for your customers.

Range Extension

In addition to the standard repeater operation, which extends the range of your radio fleet, other modes of operation allow an UHF frequency radio to talk to a VHF frequency radio within your fleet. It also lets you monitor transmissions on frequencies in another band and allows you to link separate coverage areas.

Capability Expansion

Your CDR repeater´s capabilities can be expanded through the addition of special options:

  • Community Repeater Capability - lets multiple groups share the same radio channel.
  • Telephone Interconnect - lets radio users access a local landline telephone network, further expanding your communications reach.
  • SmarTrunk II– Trunking - provides faster access to channels, security, privacy, and telephone access.

CDR500 Wall Mount Repeater

Motorola CDR 500 Repeater

The CDR500 repeater is easy to install and offers a compact design that allows more flexibility when choosing a location. Its remarkable flexibility lets you choose the specific frequency and power levels you need.

Standard CDR500 Repeater Includes:

  • Metal Housing with Temperature Controlled Fan Assembly
  • Mounting Bracket
  • Interconnection Cables
  • Service Manual
  • Power Supply with Switchable Primary Voltage

Motorola CDR500 Downloads

» Motorola CDR500 Brochure

CDR700 Desktop Repeater

Motorola CDR 700 Repeater

The CDR700 repeater can be used as a base station or as a remote repeater. The quiet performance and the attractive design gives you the option of installing the CDR700 model on your desktop or any other accessible area.

Standard CDR700 Repeater Includes:

  • Metal Enclosure with Fan Assembly
  • Interconnection Cables
  • Service Manual

Motorola CDR700 Downloads

» Motorola CDR700 Brochure

MTR 2000 Base Station/Repeater/Receiver

Motorola MTR2000  Repeater

Motorola's MTR 2000 Station/Repeater/Receiver is a continuous-duty analog base/repeater station for use on both conventional and trunking systems in the VHF, UHF, and 800 and 900 MHz bands. Onboard self-testing and a microprocessor-based design keeps system up-time at a maximum.

Analog Operation
For conventional and trunking (SMARTNET, PassPort) systems.

Programming and Diagnostic Testing
Runs through a personal computer, shortening maintenance time.

Compact Design
Maximum flexibility in a small design optimizes site space.

Software-Intensive Design
Allows for upgrades and complete system migrations easily.

Network Adaptability
Functions on VHF, UHF and 800 and 900 MHz channel spacing.

Field-Replaceable Units (FRUs)
Keeps the modules functionally separate.

Switching Power Supply
Functions over a wide range of voltages and frequencies.

Motorola MTR 2000 Downloads

» MTR2000 800 900 Mhz Catalog Sheet

MTR 3000 Base Station/Repeater/Receiver

Motorola MTR3000  Repeater

MTR3000 is a MOTOTRBO™ integrated voice and data base station/repeater designed to meet the requirements of small public safety, utilities and professional organizations.

The MTR3000 operates in digital mode in MOTOTRBO Conventional, IP Site Connect, and Capacity Plus systems delivering increased capacity, spectral efficiency, integrated data applications and enhanced voice communications.

In addition the MTR3000 can also operate in analog mode for conventional and LTR/Passport Trunking systems providing a flexible high power base station/repeater.

For systems currently using the high power MTR2000 base station/repeater a simple MTR3000 upgrade kit is available so the station can operate in a MOTOTRBO system and allow the user to leverage their current investment.

Features: Operates in analog or MOTOTRBO digital mode with a LED indicating mode of operation · Reliable 100W Continuous Duty Cycle Operation · 12.5 or 25 kHz programmable channel spacing · Analog and digital conventional are all standard in one base station without the cost of additional software or hardware · Power supply functions over a wide range of voltages · RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant

Specifications: Frequency Range: UHF (403 -470, 470 -524MHz) · Power: 8-100 Watts · Dimensions H x W x L – 5.25" x 19" x 16.5" · Weight - 40 lbs. · Warranty: 2 Years

Motorola MTR 3000 Downloads

Motorola MTR3000 Spec Sheet

XPR 8300 MOTOTRBO Digital Repeater

Motorola XPR8300

The XPR 8300 repeater is a continuous-duty unit that supports two simultaneous voice or data paths in digital TDMA mode. It mounts easily in wall or rack systems. This repeater is part of the MOTOTRBO series, delivering increased capacity and spectrum efficiency, integrated data communications and enhanced voice communications through a complete solution.

Features: 100% continuous duty at 40W/UHF and 45W/VHF · IP Site Connect · TDMA digital audio capability · Signal strength indicator · Powerful, front-projecting speaker · Easy installation

Specifications: Frequency Range: VHF (136 - 174 MHz) UHF I (403 - 470 MHz) UHF II (450 - 512 MHz) · Power: 1- 25 Watts (136 -174MHz VHF & 403 - 470 MHz UHF), 25 – 45 Watts (136 - 174 MHz VHF), 25 – 40 Watts (403 - 470 MHz UHF), 1 – 40 Watts (450 - 512 MHz UHF) · Dimensions H x W x L - 5.22" x 19" x 11.67" · Weight - 31 lbs. · Standard Warranty: 2 Years + 1 Year RSA

Find out more about the Motorola XPR8300 Repeater.

Motorola XPR8300 Downloads

MOTOTRBO Repeater Brochure
MOTOTRBO Repeater Spec Sheet

MOTOTRBO System Brochure
MOTOTRBO Data Applications Brochure

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