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We has been providing Motorola two-way radio solutions to our clients for over 50 years.

We have had great success working with the following industries.


Managing administration or security on large campuses requires keeping in touch with your colleagues. Motorola portable and mobile radios give you easy contact with the colleagues who can help you keep everything under control.

Event Management

Motorola commercial series two-way radios help event planners stay well connected to ensure every event – from corporate meetings and functions to major sporting and philanthropic events-- is a success. Golf tournament officials keep these radios in the palm of their hand to finalize rulings, maintain leader board scoring, check on the latest weather updates, and manage crowd control.


Whether you’re coordinating staff for a conference or requesting a quick room change for a last minute guest, you need communication that won’t slow you down. Lightweight and ergonomically designed Motorola portable radios are comfortable enough to use and carry all day.


Motorola portable two way radios are designed to be compact and lightweight. Motorola radios makes it easier for manufacturing workers and management to step up communications without being weighed down.


In the retailing industry, great customer service depends on fast response. Motorola radios let you connect at the touch of a button with a store or stockroom personnel to get the information you need – when you need it.


When an alarm signals an illegal entry into the building you’re securing, you don’t have a moment to use. Motorola two way radios gives you the up-to-minute communication you need to alert coworkers or request backup at the touch of a button.

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